Michael Bloom spent his lifetime as a writer and musician. As a child, Michael built a drum set out of poster board, using pot tops for cymbals and floor lamps to hold them up. He began writing poetry in junior high school. By high school, he was writing poetry that blew his teachers away. It was the sixties and he soon started playing guitar, turning his attention to songwriting. For the next twenty years, music would be the dominant medium in his life, from studying classical guitar to playing blues, folk, jazz, rock, even a little ragtime, while paying the bills as a mover and delivering produce in San Francisco. He began writing children’s stories for his kids while he focused on a career in live sound and events, becoming an audio engineer then a technical director, traveling the world for his clients. He wrote a mystery at the turn of the millennium, then decided to pursue other genres, exploring creative nonfiction, literary and commercial fiction, finally landing on Sci-Fi and Climate Fiction. In 2015 he published his short story, The Birth of a Folksong, under Random Acts Books in Trio, a collection of short stories
with two other authors. In 2018, he released his debut album, Whisper in the Wind, on his own label, Random Acts Media, streaming on all major platforms.

Michael’s stories resonate with the rhythm of his music, and his music resounds with the drama of his stories. His current projects include the novel, Opus One: Neucor, a Sci-Fi thriller based 500 years in the future, and the novella, The Last Winter of Kitten, a climate parable in the year 
3001. His song, My Baby Gave Me the Blues for Christmas, released as a single in November 2021. He lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife, Lisa, and their dog, Gibson.