Allíya Tohdem is a believer: She believes in Soláhnian expansion and helps to conquer foreign star systems, bringing victory even in the hard fought Terran Rebellion. She believes in the innocence of the indigenous Neucorians. To help protect them from Sólahnian intrusion, she takes a position at the prestigious Batál Ridge on Neucor, under her former mentor and commanding officer, General Orphit Zenger. She believes in the Guardian Church and the Preacher who runs it. Their mission is to protect the indigenous Neucorians whom they deem, “The Children of God.” She believes in the secret, illegal compound they are building on Neucor to protect the indigenous culture. She believes that Lord Colium can really make a difference. But realizing she is surrounded by lies, she must examine her own duplicity. She is compelled to act for the Children of God, knowing that it means taking on the church, Batál Ridge Security, and her old mentor, General Zenger.

Allíya Tohdem is a Warrior: She fights in the colonial wars, she fights for the indigenous Neucorians, she fights for the church. She will fight to the death for what she believes is right and will fight to avoid death at all costs. She will never give in and will never shrink from battle—unless it gives her an advantage. 

Allíya Tohdem is a Liar
She lives in a world of duplicity, masking her true intent. As a spy in the Terran Rebellion, she infiltrates the Earth Sovereignty Alliance and brings down the Terran defense grid, forcing a surrender.  On Neucor, she sneaks Guardians out to the settlement without anyone knowing. Her role in the church is a secret as is her membership, especially to General Zenger. In the end she faces the crushing weight of her own duplicity and the duplicity forced upon her. How much can she carry? How much can she return? How much can she redeem?



Allíya's pov

Hi. I’m Allíya Tohdem, Director of Operations at Batál Ridge Resort on Neucor. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

First, let’s start with stats: I’m 5’10”, in Terran Dimensions. This is on the short side for Soláhnians. My skin color is a medium-light shade of Sólite gray, though I wear it a variety of colors. On Earth, I learned to look like a Caucasian with blond hair. Most of the time I wear my hair purple and black, or blue and black, but always shoulder length. Lastly, I’m fifty years old. Since we Soláhnians live to an average age of 120, that’s still young. 

The Early Years
My father, Cháenak Tohdem, was a highly skilled diplomatic negotiator for the Sólahn Empire. My mother, Giáree Tohdem, was an assistant ambassador. They’re retired, now. I’m their only child. With only one accent on our names, we are in the lowest caste of Sólite hierarchy which, sadly, is still higher than any Solannie.

My parents worked as a team to quell uprisings and bring newly acquired colonies into line. I was born on the planet Xidher (pronounced Zi-ther). In my youth, we traveled as a family to trouble spots around the galaxy. I saw little of our home planet, Sólahn.

As you can imagine, with all that moving around…

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In the 30th century, the 14 year-old  Leah Cim is assigned to study with Ruhtra Asil, the village historian. Recuperating from a horrific trauma, her story slowly emerges as she learns to understand the past under his guidance. 
Little is known about the elderly Ruhtra Asil, the village historian, except that he was found injured nearby and brought to the village to heal fifteen years before. 
Young Kali Franks comes alive from the pages of her diary of 2011, translated from ancient English by Leah under Ruhtra’s direction.   

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A former Lieutenant Commander in the Sólahn Space Force and a hero of the Terran War, Allíya Tohdem is star systems. She is multilingual, speaking several languages. As a lonely child who moved often, she learned to make up stories about her past, or to pretend…




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